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Differences between Industrial Grade Switches and Common Switches

So, what's the difference between an industrial grade switch and an ordinary switch? In fact, there is little difference in performance between industrial grade switches and general switches. From the network level, there are two-layer switches, of course, there are three-layer switches. Industrial Ethernet switches are fastidious in their product design and component selection. It is designed for industrial site use. It can work normally in harsh mechanical, climatic, electromagnetic and other environments. Therefore, it can often be widely used in industrial production scenarios with harsh conditions.

1. Components
The selection of components of industrial Ethernet switch requires higher requirements, so it can better meet the needs of industrial production site.

2. Mechanical environment
Industrial Ethernet switches can better adapt to harsh mechanical environment, including shock resistance, corrosion resistance, dust prevention, waterproof and so on.

3. Climate and environment
Industrial Ethernet switches can better adapt to poor climatic environment, including temperature, humidity and so on. The working temperature of industrial grade exchanges is - 40 ~ 125 ℃, and that of general exchanges is - 40 ~ 75 ℃.

4. Electromagnetic Environment
Industrial Ethernet switch has strong anti-EMI capability.

5. Working voltage
Industrial Ethernet switches have a wide range of operating voltage, while ordinary switches require higher voltage.

6. Power supply design
Common switches are basically single power supply, while industrial grade switches are generally backed up by dual power supply.

7. Installation Method
Industrial Ethernet switches can be installed by DIN guideways, racks, etc. The common switches are racks and desktops.

8. Heat Dissipation
Industrial Ethernet switches generally use fan-free housing for heat dissipation, while ordinary switches use fan for heat dissipation.

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