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Advantages of Switch POE Industrial

1. Certainty
The MAC protocol of Ethernet, CSMA/CD, can make the network conflict, especially when the network load is too large. For an industrial network, if there is a large number of conflicts, then the data must be reissued many times so that the uncertainty of the internetwork communication will increase greatly. In industrial control networks, the uncertainty from one location to another will inevitably bring about a reduction in system control performance.

2. Real-time of Switch POE Industrial
In industrial control systems, real-time can be defined as the testability of the system's response time to an event. That is to say, after an event occurs, the system must reflect within a time range that can be accurately predicted. However, the real-time requirement of data transmission in industry is extremely high, and data updating is usually done in dozens of milliseconds.

3. Reliability
At the very beginning, Ethernet was not designed for the industrial network application. So when it is applied to the industrial field, in the face of bad conditions and serious interline interference, all these will inevitably reduce its reliability. In the production environment, the industrial network must have high reliability, recoverability, and maintainability, that is, to ensure that any component failure in a network system will not lead to the collapse and paralysis of applications, operating systems or even network systems.
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