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Advantages of Managed Internet Switch

If you want to receive the group information, your device must join the multicast communication group, then all the members in the group can receive the data. If you just want to send data to the group, you don't need to be a member of the group. In the manufacturer/user model, the main problem of multicast communication is the exponential growth of communication information as the number of team members increases. At this point, we need to use managed Internet switch.

The managed Internet switch can turn on the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping function. When the IGMP snooping function is turned on, the managed switch sends out the broadcast communication to recognize the members in the multicast group. With this information and the complete MAC address table, the managed switch can send multicast messages to members of the multicast group only. The handling of multicast data and broadcast data between managed switches and unmanaged switches is the same, both of them send data to every node.

But if the network uses manufacturer/user technology or multicast communication, then the managed switches are the best choice. There are many other reasons why we should consider the use of managed switches. The switch of this level usually has fault log functions, it can control the speed of each port, and has redundant settings and port mirroring functions. These additional capabilities can ensure more precise control of network behaviors and play a very valuable role in troubleshooting. As we all know, for some nodes on the network, faults cannot be avoided.
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