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16 Port Unmanaged Switch

Characteristics and advantages
Unipoe 16 port unmanaged switch can provide an easy-to-use solution for your small business network. Its characteristics include:

1. Easy to do: Unipoe 16 port unmanaged switches are out-of-the-box, no installation of software or configuration is needed. Each switch port can carry out self-setting to provide speed, and can automatically determine half duplex or full duplex operation mode. As a standard-based Unipoe solution, Unipoe 90 series switches can quickly be compatible with all your network devices, which includes:

(1)It supports 10 megabits per second (Mbps), 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps devices in the same network.

(2)It can automatically detect the cables, so you do not need to worry about misusing the wrong cable types.

(3)Compatible with the network equipment of other suppliers.

2. Easy setting: It is designed for small office, and it offers two kinds of desktop compact and rack-mounted models. These desktop models offer to wall mounting options and can be carefully installed under the desks or on the walls of the offices or conference rooms.

3. High performance: Unipoe 16 port unmanaged switch can provide the performance you need so that you can run a wide range of business applications smoothly (including bandwidth-intensive video services) and avoid slow networks. The switch supports gigabit Ethernet speed, enabling your network to release new levels of capacity and performance, and can transmit large files in seconds.

4. Energy cost reduction: Unipoe switches can optimize the use of power while not affecting the performance, help save energy, and then protect our environment and reduce your energy costs. In addition, these switches also support the energy-saving Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) standard, they can monitor the amount of traffic on the active link and make the link sleep during the silent period, thereby reducing energy consumption. All switches have no fans, so they can reduce energy costs and keep quiet at the same time.

5. Advanced technology support: All switches are equipped with advanced CISCO traffic processing capabilities, enabling your application to maintain performance levels. All models are integrated with QoS intelligent function, which can automatically process delay-sensitive services (such as voice or video), thereby improving your network performance. Through fast store and forward switching technology, the damaged data packets can be identified to avoid their transmission in the network. All these functions can automatically run without any management or configuration.

6. Sleep without any anxiety: Unipoe 16 port unmanaged switches can provide reliability and promote the tradition of Unipoe switch products. The solution has passed the strict examination to ensure the normal service time and performance.
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