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Differences between Industrial Grade Switches and Commercial Grade Switches

Switch is a kind of network device based on MAC (network card hardware address) identification, which can complete the function of encapsulating and forwarding data packets.

The switch can "learn" the MAC address and store it in the internal address table. By establishing a temporary exchange path between the originator and the target receiver of the data frame, the data frame can reach the destination address directly from the source address. Switches are divided into two-tier switches, three-tier switches or higher-tier switches. Three-tier switches can also have routing functions, and the forwarding rate is faster than that of low-end routers. Its main characteristics are: one-time routing, multiple forwarding.

Nowadays, social networks have been widely used and developed in all walks of life. However, what are the differences between commercial grade switches and industrial grade switches, and what fields are they applied? How should the vast number of users choose?

Industrial grade switches
are closer to industrial network communication in function, such as interconnection with various fieldbus, redundancy of equipment and real-time of equipment, etc. The performance difference is mainly reflected in the different parameters adapting to the external environment. In addition to many particularly harsh environments such as coal mines and warships, there are also environments with special requirements in EMI (electromagnetic compatibility), temperature, humidity and dust prevention. Temperature has the most extensive influence on industrial network equipment.

The performance and adaptability of commercial grade switches are far inferior to those of industrial grade switches. Let's make a concrete analysis of the following:

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