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Shishi Mingsheng Hyatt Hotel is a wholly-owned enterprise in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, According to the national five-star hotel standard, Shishi City's high-star hotel investment is huge. The hotel is located in Shiquan Road, the main road of China's famous hometown of overseas Chinese and leisure clothing, Shishi City. It enjoys convenient transportation, five minutes drive from the city center and 20 minutes drive from Jinjiang Airport. It is located between Xiamen and Quanzhou. About 1 hour. With a construction area of 55,000 square meters, it integrates hot springs, accommodation, catering, entertainment, conferences and business services. It has 539 rooms of various types. Since the earlier network design backbone used 1000M link and the access adopts 100M link, the network has been overwhelmed for many years of use. The hotel intends to upgrade the entire network, after the pre-exploration of the excellent engineers, and the coverage effect. In order to effectively display, the hotel finally selected the excellent solution with good coverage and high cost performance from a number of vendor solutions.

Hotel demand

1, the network backbone is upgraded to 10 Gigabit, and the Gigabit wired intranet is provided at the hotel front desk, restaurant, office, etc.

2, wireless coverage of the hotel lobby, restaurant, banquet hall, guest rooms and hotel offices;

3, large venues such as conference rooms, banquet halls, etc. are required to meet the high-density WIIF simultaneous access, and open the webpage smoothly;

4, the wireless signal is required to be good, the Internet speed is fast, and the online high-definition video is played smoothly in the room;

5, AP unified control, follow-up if necessary can easily increase the point;

6, wired network, wireless network, monitoring network three network integration.

Networking scheme product list

Unipoe Solution Topology

Project description

1, The project uses XA02G-4 1200Mbps dual-frequency ceiling AP deployed in the lobby, tea restaurant, banquet hall public area, wireless AP are powered by Youlipu visual PoE switch;

2, The hotel room uses MA02H-1 300Mbps panel AP, one for each room, to provide higher quality WiFi for the guests; Powering the wireless AP with the PoE switch that is optimized by Unipoe;

3. The external line is connected to 3 telecom optical fibers, 2 pieces 300M + 1 200M; at the core layer, 2 core switches SM32GF-8T are used as hot standby, and the core switch is divided into VLANs, wired network, wireless network and monitoring network. The three-network integration is facilitated for better management; the UR5600 routing gateway supporting multiple authentication methods is used as an export device, and seamlessly connected with the local public security organs to audit the public wireless network provided by the hotel, and the wireless network users need to use the mobile phone WeChat Authentication online; at the same time, the UR5600 has an AC controller that manages 1024 wireless APs through authorization, and manages and configures all APs in the network.

Implementation Effect

Signal strength test for WiFi analyzers in guest rooms and public areas up to -30dB, As the follow show

Whether it is the guest room, the lobby, or even the guest room laundry room, there is a full signal everywhere; use the mobile phone to test the online video playback while walking, play the "king glory" mobile game, are smooth and not dropped.

The Unipoe program truly achieves 100% coverage of the wireless network, which makes the wireless network of Mingsheng Hyatt Hotel have a qualitative leap. The customer is very satisfied with the network quality and the excellent after-sales service!

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