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How to Construct an efficient office network?

Xiamen City Xinyuan IT Co., Ltd Choose the Unipoe to Construct an efficient office network

Xiamen City Xinyuan IT Co., Ltd. It is a well-known animation multimedia design and production company in Fujian Province. The integration of animation and education, art, technology and so on, the application of the most cutting-edge design concepts and technologies to present content to users, has a place in the highly competitive domestic animation industry. Its multimedia application integrates technologies such as computers, televisions, video recorders, tape recorders and game consoles to form an operating environment in which computers and users can communicate with each other. It can receive external images, sounds, videos and various media information. After computer processing, it can be output in various ways such as pictures, texts, sounds, animations, etc., to achieve diversification of input and output methods, it has changed the limitation that the computer can only input and output text and data, so that computer application technology can serve all aspects of people's lives. Because its working method is highly dependent on computer network technology, it has high requirements for the reliability, advancement and maintainability of wired networks and wireless networks for daily applications. The company has an integrated management department, an image creation department, and a post- Image. Five functional departments, including the synthesis department, project management department, and finance department.

Customer network construction requirements

Xiamen City Xinyuan IT Co., Ltd choose Unipoe to lay a fast and stable wired and wireless network for the office building, and meet the following key requirements:

1. The office network is divided into two parts: wired and wireless. The whole network construction requires wired and wireless integration, and is isolated from each other;

2. The number of computer stations in the wired network is about 150, and the wireless terminal is flat with the cable. The overall network satisfies about 300 terminals;

3. Coverage: The company has two floors of 20F and 21F, requiring full coverage of key areas. The key areas mainly cover the office space, leading office, conference room, etc., and the WiFi signal in key areas is good;

4, AP requires beautiful deployment, centralized POE power supply, centralized management;

5. The whole network requires convenient management, easy troubleshooting, and timely response after sale.

Unipoe Overall network solution

Taking into account the needs of customers, combined with on-site surveys,UNIPOE engineers provide wired and wireless integrated solutions consisting of the following products:

Network structure diagram

Introduction of the Project

      The Network exports selects the Unipoe UR5300 as the export gateway, can manage 350 sets of equipment, and comes with an AC controller, which can manage 64 APs, and the number of management APs and the number of Manageable equipment meet the requirements;

      The network backbone selects the Unipoe’s SM28G/F-4T as the core aggregation switch, and its powerful performance can effortlessly meet the efficient forwarding of intranet data and realize the interaction between data; establish multiple service VLANs on the Layer 3 switch. Achieve logical isolation between the wired network and the wireless network, which not only facilitates management, but also reduces the broadcast domain and facilitates fault handling;

       In the access layer, there are more than 100 office computers in the internal network, and we select six 24-port Gigabit switches US124G and two 16-port Gigabit switches US116G are selected as access switches, and all access switches are connected to VLAN port of the core switch;

     For the right area with serried distributed personnel, each layer is covered by 6 dual-frequency high-power APs, XA02G-4, for a total of 12; for the left area with sparsely distributed personnel, 3 single-frequency APs are used for Each layer. select the - XA02H-1 to covers,it is total of six equipments;

      Full coverage of key areas,all the APs are connected to the four PoE switches on the equipment room cabinet through the network cable. The SL16H-2GF-P and SL08H-2G/F-P are centrally powered. All APs are centrally managed and configured by the UR5300.

Implementation Effect

Project commissioning, The wireless speed measurement effect is as follows:

Left: 2.4G speed measurement                                                         Right: 5G speed measurement

Signal coverage strength test:

Through several mobile tests between offices and floors, the coverage intensity of key areas is above -65db, meeting customer requirements.

Unipoe technical support engineers conducted detailed after-sales maintenance training for Party A technicians, mainly focusing on the configuration of the UR5300 and wireless network troubleshooting, and handing over the complete project data to the customer.

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