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Leading the wisdom prison, UNIPOE upgrade monitoring system

Prisons are places for detaining and managing criminals. Detainees are mostly criminals. The daily detention and management are numerous and complex. Security is the most basic and important issue. To ensure the safety of society, we must also ensure the safety of prison guards and the safety of criminals. This requires the combination of technical defense based on technology and human defense based on human beings to further strengthen the construction of prison information and improve the level of prison information management. The use of advanced monitoring and security equipment can effectively strengthen the management of prisoners, intuitively and timely reflect the scene of important locations, and enhance security measures, which is a powerful tool for modern management of prisons.


A prison in a province in southwest China plans to carry out an overall transformation of the original video surveillance system of the institution. The early construction of the prison has a set of simulation monitoring system. After years of use, the line is aging, the monitoring equipment is faulty and the technology is backward, resulting in system instability, frequent loss of video files, high-level monitoring screens cannot achieve high definition, and some places have monitoring dead angles, etc. The problem is that the normal monitoring business is greatly affected, and the application can no longer meet the demand. With the increase in the number of detainees in the institution and the continuous expansion of the scale, the original system construction point has been unable to cover the newly expanded supervision area, and the pressure of safety supervision is increasing day by day. In summary, the construction plan uses a high-definition solution.

The construction of the prison video surveillance system is to apply modern information technology such as monitoring, communication, computer and network to prison work, fully mobilize all aspects of power, comprehensively improve the overall performance of the system, expand network coverage, and enhance the security of the information network system. And reliability, to achieve prison network office, information management, increase network application service projects, improve work efficiency and prison management level, promote the legalization of prisons, scientific social construction, accelerate prison informationization and modernization


When UNIPOE IOT designing a video surveillance system. According to the basic needs of the prison information management center system, based on the principle of reasonable structure, safety and reliability, product mainstream, low cost and low maintenance. According to this, we design an advanced, safe, reliable and efficient system solution for the prison video surveillance system. The prison is divided into: AB gate area, monitoring area of each monitoring area, production workshop labor area, office area, perimeter and outer field area.

Design topology

Description of project

In this project, the front-end network camera adopts 3 million high-definition format.The video image is transmitted to the UNIPOE Rz4000 series 10 Gigabit aggregation switch through the PoE switch visible to the UNIPOE Strom4410 series LAN access layer, the video image save to each area of the hard disk recorder.At the same time, the input data is saved to the back-end disk array through the UNIPOE Rz7000 series core switch to realize unified storage and management. In addition, a streaming media server, a disk array server, a management server, an alarm server and a graphics workstation are set up as video wall servers in the monitoring center.

Equipment configuration list

Features of project

Advanced performance and function: Equipment selection ensures technology leadership, reliable performance, easy operation, practicality, simple maintenance, best performance-price ratio, and room for expansion. The equipment is manufactured by the current leading technology and production process. After the system is completed, it will not be eliminated after three to five years.

The digital audio and video monitoring system is fully functional: Through the security monitoring system, you can keep track of the personnel activities in the monitoring area, check the security situation of each key part, discover hidden dangers in advance, handle emergencies in time and automatically record the video.

High-reliability equipment: Guarantees transmission link redundancy, large bandwidth, video image frame loss, image jitter, etc. in the transmission system, using the latest technology and high-quality equipment.

Simple and practical operation: High-tech means, intelligent design, minimize the complexity of system operation and make the system work stable and reliable, and easy to maintain.

Development: When the system is initially designed, it will consider future development, reduce future development costs, and make the system have good sustainable development.

Economical: On the premise of meeting the requirements of safety precautions, on the basis of ensuring the system's stability, reliability and good performance, while considering the advanced nature of the system, selecting the system and equipment as needed, it is reasonable, practical and cost-effective. Thereby achieving a very high performance-price ratio and reducing the operating costs of smart prison security management.

Customer benefit

The construction of the prison video surveillance system is a combination of monitoring, communication, computer and network. It applies modern information technology to prison work, fully mobilizes all aspects of strength, comprehensively improves the overall performance of the system, expands network coverage, and enhances The security and reliability of the prison information network system has realized the networked office and information management of the prison, which has improved the efficiency of work and the level of prison management. At present, after two years of stable operation, the system has been unanimously recognized by the prison, which reflects the solid and effective ability of our products and technical services, and further promotes the legalization, scientific and social construction of prisons, and at the same time promotes the prison. Informatization and modernization level make their own contributions.

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